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Nothing quite intimidates civil service aspirants like the Essay exam. With passing rates hovering around one to two percent, the English essay is indeed the greatest challenge candidates face in clearing the prestigious Central Superior Services exam. A large part of this failure can be attributed to a dearth of quality material which would assist candidates in preparing for this particular subject. While it is true there are multiple ways of attempting the essay paper, there is still a dire need to have a guidebook which brings together all the techniques required to maximize one’s chances of success in this exam.


A Step by Step Guide to Assist You in Writing the Perfect Essay

Our book contains an entire chapter devoted to the guidelines of writing an exceptional essay. This chapter seeks to breakdown all the elements that are required to write an essay which guarantees success. In the guide, you will find comprehensive ways to develop outlines and create thesis statements. This component does not restrict itself to simple explanations, however. Instead, that particular component of the chapter challenges readers to formulate thesis statements which are both gripping and unique. The chapter further provides advice on how to make thesis statements incisive and different.

The chapter on how to write the perfect essay also contains examples and samples to strengthen candidates’ understanding. There can be no real explanation without examples, and this book seeks to provide detailed and simple examples to help candidates in writing outlines, introductions, topic sentences, sentence and paragraph structure, and conclusions. Topic sentences and the structure of paragraphs and individual sentences, in fact, are two essential elements many candidates tend to ignore and which jeopardizes their chances of success. Our book delves into great detail on how to write a topic sentence and how to perfect not just sentence and paragraph structure, but the entire structure of the essay as well.


Sample Essays with Key Takeaways and Suggested Readings Sections to Enhance Your Understanding of Each Topic

The book also contains ten essays specifically chosen from CSS past papers and written by qualified candidates holding degrees from prestigious Pakistani and international universities. The topics have been chosen based on their relevance, and on the challenging nature and diversity of each topic. Our book, however, once again breaks from the norm by creating the ‘key takeaways’ and ‘suggested readings’ sections. The key takeaways section is meant to provide a quick summary of the entire essay; something which will immensely benefit candidates when they wish to sift through multiple essays on exam day. The suggested readings section, meanwhile, provides texts candidates can read to gain a deeper understanding of each topic.

This section is, in fact, an excellent way for candidates to enhance their knowledge on essential topics—another crucial ingredient for success in the entire civil service recruitment process. In our suggested readings section for the essay ‘Being a minority is a Fate No One Wants. Can Nationalism Ever Be Inclusive?’, for example, one mentioned book is the seminal work Imagined Communities by British academic Benedict Anderson. This book was the forerunner on the literature on nationalism, and thus provides excellent insight into how nationalism emerged in both the Western and the post-Colonial worlds.

The edition that you hold in your hand is thus not the ordinary guide book you find in every corner of local bookstores. Instead, this is a book which will not only help you in overcoming the imperious English essay exam but will also enhance your knowledge through providing different perspectives and interesting narratives. Our edition is therefore not meant simply to assist you in the exam. Rather, it seeks to challenge your ideas, your convictions and aims to instill within you essential writing and critical thinking skills.

               With that said, we wish you Godspeed in your quest to improve the fortunes of this country.

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